The Gathering – BASEL. 9. Juli 2022

KARAWANE – 4-stündiger Performance-Walk entlang des Rheins
Im Rahmen der Kollaboration von PANCH – Soziale Eleganz mit BANG BANG – translocal hi:stories of performance art im Museum Tinguely Basel

© Boris Nieslony
© Boris Nieslony
© Boris Nieslony
© Azad Colemêrg

see: PANCH – Performance Art Switzerland
Social Elegance
As a collaboration partner of the exhibition «BANG BANG – translocal hi:stories of performance art» from 8.6.22 – 21.8.22 at the Museum Tinguely Basel, PANCH will be present in the park for four weeks from 9.7.22 – 7.8.22. The theme «Social Elegance» becomes the occasion to cultivate and deepen the Performance Art Network Switzerland and to expand it beyond its borders.
Program BangBang/Social Elegance

The Gathering has been taking place since 2013. Artists perform together in different constellations for several hours, mainly in public spaces. The aim is to practice and reflect on collaboration in performance art according to the principle of the open source session. In some cases, solos will be shown in the evening that have emerged from the day. The artists will be invited via an open call.

Start: 1 pm, where the river Wiese flows into the Rhine. The artists will perform as a caravan along the banks of the Rhine and end in the park of the Museum Tinguely (approx. 4:30 pm). From 7 pm onwards, performance solos created during the day will be shown. 

© Judith Huber

Participants: Glynis Ackermann, Sandra De los Santos, Escher Susanne, Lilian Frei, Markus Goessi, Gisela Hochuli, Katja Kunz, Irena Kulka, Marianela Leon Ruiz, Marie-Anne Lerjen, Dominik Lipp, Valerian Maly, Elke Mark, Mirzlekid, Nicole Näf, Boris Nieslony, Marianne Papst, Ursula Scherrer, Bruno Schlatter, Rolf Schulz, Nadine Seeger, Ilmars Sterns, Francesco Spedicato, Joëlle Valterio among others