Reste – Leftovers

Leftovers – performative readings

Freitag, 17. Februar 2023 18 Uhr bis 21 Uhr
jede volle Stunde eine Aktion20 Uhr Gespräch

grüntaler9 Grüntaler Str. 9
13357 Berlin
S+U Gesundbrunnen/Pankstr.

Fotos: A. Ibsch

Friday 17. february6pm to 9pm
an action every hour on the hour8pm conversation

Elke Mark researches sensory knowledge, thinking in movement, concepts of memory and dialogue, with a focus on performance and (processual) object art. Her methodology is based on a processual happening with precise perception and accurate observations of the environment. Video elements, objects, photographs, drawings and performances condense into spatial productions in which the fragile traces of the presence of the past in the now are traced.

„The more I succeed in understanding plans, ideas and concepts that have been well thought through as a mere framework, in putting them aside when a performance begins, when I start to work intently, and to allow intuition and chance encounter to carry me along from one moment to the next, the closer I feel to unintended actions – a form of working that allows scope for the unthought, creates scope for unfurling processes that evolve unpredictably, processes which I follow and accompany. A knowledge that opens itself up to anyone moving attentively, that finds potential in encounter. My horizons broaden, extend all around me, meet with points of intersection, resistance and centers of attraction in space and in my activities. If I succeed in following the rhythm, in finding the tune, in taking it up and developing it, a powerful coherence unfolds, one that both attracts and includes the viewer – unintentionally.”
Funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe in Berlin

R E S T E – Performative Lesungen

Performative Lesungen im Rahmen der Flensburger Ateliertage am 5. + 6.11.22 von 11-17 Uhr.
zu jeder vollen Stunde – in der KRAN-Halle (Kultur Raum Am Nordertor), Am Nordertor 2